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Non-Education Abroad

Students on MSU sponsored international travel must register with the university. Learn more about travel registration procedures and resources to support your health and safety abroad.

Students digging in the dirt for an archeology Education Abroad programMSU Sponsored International Travel

Guidance on what is considered MSU sponsored travel.

Busy airport with people walkingMSU Global Travel Registry

All students, faculty, and staff going abroad on MSU sponsored international travel must register in the MSU Global Travel Registry.

Paved road with a yield sign and a blue, cloudy skyHigh Risk Destinations

MSU policy does not support student travel to high risk destinations unless a waiver to the policy is obtained. Familiarize yourself with the list of high risk destinations and the waiver request process.

Town containing many buildings and trees on a hillside with a blue skyPre-Departure Planning

There are several steps you should take to maximize your health and safety abroad.

Beaumont Tower with yellow tulips in foreground Health

All international travelers should know of the health risks associated with their travel, have a solid plan for managing their health abroad, and understand their international health insurance coverage.