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The Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security is responsible for overseeing the health, safety, and security of all MSU's international travelers - including Education Abroad programs and students on MSU sponsored international travel.

Statue of Sparty at MSU with pink flowering tree in the backgroundEducation Abroad

Learn more about how MSU supports student health and safety on Education Abroad (EA) program and what EA participants should do to stay healthy and safe abroad.

Two students looking at a map in front of a historical building siteNon-Education Abroad

Students traveling abroad on MSU sponsored international travel, that is not associated with an Office for Education Abroad program, should register their international travel to take advantage of health and safety resources.

Elephant crossing yield sign next to a dirt road with mountains in the distanceInternational Health Insurance and Resources

All international travelers should take steps to maintain their health abroad by understanding public health risks associated with their destination, developing a plan to manage their health appropriately, and making healthy choices while abroad.

A bridge over a calm river, surrounded by trees and with mountains in the distance.Trip Cancellation Insurance

Travelers might want to consider purchasing trip cancellation and/or trip interruption insurance. This type of insurance coverage is not offered by MSU, but it can be purchased independently for MSU-sponsored or personal travel.

View of a city street through a window with flower petal shaped window panesInternational Safety & Security

Some risks are specific to the area that you are visiting while others can have an impact regardless of your destination. Make sure you are informed of all risks and mitigation strategies before you leave.

Island with a black and white striped lighthouse with a rainbow overheadLGBTQ International Travelers

LGBTQ students can enhance the safety and comfort of their travel by considering how local laws, culture, and social norms may affect their experience abroad. 

Aerial view of a pink flower in a gardenSexual Misconduct Abroad

MSU has resources available to those who experience sexual misconduct during international travel.