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EA Contingency Planning

All faculty-directed MSU Education Abroad programs are required to submit an EA Contingency Planning form.

EA Contingency Planning in brief

All faculty-directed programs must submit the EA Contingency Planning online form at least 6 weeks prior to your departure.

  1. You can review the questions on the word doc version of the EA Contingency Planning.
  2. Fill out the EA Contingency planning form online (in Qualtrics) at least 6 weeks prior to your program departure.
  3. The Primary Contact (question 1.2) will receive an email confirmation with a copy of the submitted response.
  4. Global Safety (Elke Schmidt, schmi822(at) and the EA Program Coordinator will receive a copy of the response as well.
  5. The Primary Contact should forward the completed form to any on-site staff as well as Sections 1-4 to the participants.

Considerations and Resources

Once the online form is submitted, the Primary Contact (listed in Question 1.2) will receive an email record of the completed form.

  • The EA Primary Coordinator and Global Safety will also receive a copy of this email.
  • All Primary Contacts are encouraged to share (1) the full form with any key staff on campus as well as all on-site staff and (2) Sections 1-4 with all student participants.

This is one step in preparing to lead an Education Abroad program.

  • All faculty-directed programs are required to have two qualified on-site staff.
  • All MSU Program Directors and Assistants must participate in Critical Incident Management training before program departure.

We strongly recommend connecting with International SOS to understand what support they can offer before and during your program. This can include providing nearby medical facilities, clarifying mental health resources in the program location, highlighting any risks in your location or due to program activities, etc.

  • They can be reached 24/7 at 1-215-942-8478 (allow 48 hours for a written follow up) or by email at philadelphia(at) MSU's membership number is 11BCAS798617.
  • Program Directors with experience using a specific local facility should mention this to International SOS.

COVID-19 is still important to keep in mind when developing your contingency planning.

If you have any questions or concerns while completing the EA Contingency Planning form or in other stages of your program planning, please contact your EA Program Coordinator or the Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security

Critical Incident Management Training

All on-site Program Directors and Program Assistants must attend CIM training this year. More information and instructions for registering for a live virtual seminar is available.