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Published: Thursday, 23 Feb 2023 Author: Global Safety

MSU is connected to communities around the world, and we’ve been touched by the outpouring of support in the wake of the recent tragedy.

For Spartans engaged in international travel, mental health and other supportive resources are available, in particular via International SOS.

For more information on MSU’s response – including FAQs, important updates, and additional mental health and supportive resources, please visit

Mental Health Support While Abroad

Experiencing a wide range of feelings during these difficult times is common. As you connect with the Spartan community, remember that others are also experiencing emotional reactions and may need your time and patience to put their feelings and thoughts in order.

International SOS support:

International SOS is MSU’s international medical and security provider – they help us support any MSU traveler by connecting them to medical care, mental health support, security advice, etc.

  • ISOS is available 24/7
  • Phone: +1-215-942-8478 (US) or an ISOS regional assistance center (often with a local number for you)
  • You can call collect by first dialing 0170 and then getting connected by an international operator to ISOS.
  • You can also call them directly, and if needed, ask for them to call you back.

ISOS can help arrange virtual or in-person counseling, depending on what would work best for you. Mental health care is included in your MSU international travel health insurance.

MSU Support Sessions:

Please review MSU’s Supportive Resources webpage for information on listening sessions, reflect and connect sessions, and other opportunities to join the MSU community in a virtual space.

Mental Health Upon Returning to Campus

We can understand the challenge of navigating this event from afar, and when you return to campus, you might experience new feelings associated with shock and trauma. CAPS and EAP are available to support.

For students - Counseling & Psychiatric Services:

Stress Management - Suicide Awareness & Prevention - Supporting Students in Distress - As well as a wide variety of other concerns.
•    24-hour Crisis Counseling Line: 1-517-355-8270 Press 1
•    Number: 1-517-355-8270
•    Locations: Olin Health Center, 3rd Floor, 463 East Circle Dr., East Lansing, MI 48824

For faculty and staff – Employee Assistance Program:

Confidential Short-Term Counseling – Telehealth and In-Person – Referral Services – ThrivingCampus Partner.
•    24-hour Crisis Counseling Line: 1-517-355-8270 Press 1
•    Number: 1-517-355-4506
•    Email: eap(at) (you may email from an MSU email or personal email)
•    Locations: Room 110 Linton Hall, 479 West Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824
We are standing in solidarity with those affected by this violence and available if you have any questions. Please reach out to globalsafety(at)