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About Us

The Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security (formerly the Office of International Health and Safety or OIHS) supports the health, safety, and security of all MSU global travelers.

Learn more about MSU Global Safety and our support for MSU Education Abroad in particular:

MSU employs three full-time staff persons dedicated to overseeing global health, safety, and security concerns, and responding to emergencies abroad involving students, faculty or staff. The Director, Senior Coordinator, and Analyst Coordinator evaluate risk, plan for emergencies, and manage crises for over 5,000 student, faculty, and staff global travelers each year.

The Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security works closely with the Risk and Security Assessment Committee, the Office for Education Abroad, the University Physician, and colleges/ departments to prevent or minimize the impact of risks to MSU students and employees traveling internationally.

The Office supports the safety of Spartans traveling internationally by:

  • Providing 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Monitoring international events and global public health concerns
  • Mandatory Critical Incident Management and other specialized training for Education Abroad program directors and assistants
  • Pre-departure orientation and guidance for Education Abroad program participants and non-credit international travelers
  • Developing emergency and crisis management protocols, travel guidelines, and the best health, safety, and security practices
  • Assessing risk for education abroad programs, non-credit student travel, and other MSU international projects.
  • Coordinating international health insurance and political unrest/natural disaster evacuation insurance
  • Informing about university policy related to global travel.