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Faculty and Staff

The Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security (formerly the Office of International Health and Safety or OIHS) is responsible for overseeing the health, safety, and security of all MSU global travelers, including faculty, staff, and students going abroad on MSU sponsored international travel.

side-by-side_building-lake.jpgMSU Global Travel Registry

All faculty, staff, students, administrators, and sponsored guests on non-education abroad, MSU sponsored international travel must register in the MSU Global Travel Registry.

side-by-side_beaumont-sunset.jpgHigh Risk Destinations

MSU policy does not support faculty, staff, administrator, or sponsored guest travel to some high risk destinations unless a waiver to the policy is obtained. Familiarize yourself with the high risk destinations list and the waiver request process.

travel_800x545.pngMSU Sponsored International Travel

Guidance on what is considered MSU sponsored international travel.

side-by-side_picchu.jpgPre-Departure Planning

Review this checklist early and often as you prepare for your international trip.

side-by-side_pillars.JPGInternational Health Insurance and Resources

Current travel health advisories, global public health news, health insurance, and resources for travel health professionals.

A bridge over a calm river, surrounded by trees and with mountains in the distance.Trip Cancellation Insurance

Travelers might want to consider purchasing trip cancellation and/or trip interruption insurance. This type of insurance coverage is not offered by MSU, but it can be purchased independently for MSU-sponsored or personal travel.

side-by-side_mosaic-row.jpgInternational Safety and Security

Below are safety and security tips, and best practices that we recommend for all MSU international travelers.

side-by-side_sunflowers.jpgLGBTQ International Travelers

LGBTQ travelers can enhance the safety and comfort of their travel experience by considering how the laws, culture, and social norms of the destination country may affect their experiences.

side-by-side_windows.jpgSexual Misconduct Abroad

MSU has resources available to travelers who have experienced sexual misconduct while traveling abroad.

side-by-side_lanterns.JPGEducation Abroad Program Directors

Education Abroad program directors are key partners in helping keep MSU students healthy and safe when they travel abroad.