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Education Abroad

Group of Education Abroad students and faculty sitting with locals in TanzaniaPre-Departure Planning

Make sure you're prepared before you leave for your education abroad program so your experience is as safe and healthy as possible.

Aerial view of a doctor's hands typing on a laptop, with a clipboard, glasses, pen, and papers placed to the sideInternational Health Insurance and Resources

It's important to understand all of the health risks associated with your travel, to develop a plan to manage your health abroad, and to understand your international health insurance coverage.

Vultures nesting on a tree at sunsetStudent Conduct While Abroad

We expect education abroad students to abide by the EA Statement of Responsibility, General Student Regulations, behavioral requirements established by your host institution or program director, and local laws. Learn more about these expectations and consequences should you fall short.

Distant shot of the MSU Beaumont tower in the fallEA Programming in High Risk Destinations

MSU does not permit education abroad programming in high risk destinations unless a waiver to the policy is obtained. As a student, you do not need to take any action to secure a waiver since that is done by your program leadership. However, you should be familiar with the policy and the health and safety considerations specific to high risk destinations.