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Domestic Travel

Domestic travel may resume following pre-COVID travel procedures. All travelers must continue to follow the health and safety measures outlined below.

Domestic Travel Guidance

Effective May 14, 2021, MSU-sponsored domestic travel authorization will return to the processes used prior to the pandemic, with leadership of the unit approving such travel. MAUs no longer need to request a Domestic Travel Waiver from their travelers. As always, anyone traveling on MSU business should go through the travel authorization process in Concur. For a review of the travel authorization process, please refer to the MSU Travel Office.

All MSU domestic travel must follow the minimum health and safety measures below.

Travelers are also encouraged to consider these pre-travel health considerations and review these additional travel health and safety resources.

Minimum Health and Safety Measures

  1. Travelers should assess their suitability for travel by reviewing public health guidance, reviewing COVID-19 spread at destination, and discussing travel plans with their primary care physician.

  2. Traveler abides by all local restrictions at destination(s).

  3. Travel should involve the fewest staff needed to complete the activity while assuring employee safety.

  4. Travel by car preferred (private vehicle, rented/Motor Pool vehicle, taxi/rideshare permitted so long as physical distancing maintained). Air travel and public transportation is permitted.

  5. Maintain physical distancing during travel and at worksite(s).

  6. Travel with food/water to avoid unnecessary stops. If necessary, obtain food from places that allow physical distancing (drive-through, take-away).

  7. Carry hand sanitizer and disinfectant to sanitize hands and frequently touched surfaces/equipment. Note that TSA is permitting 12 oz bottles of hand sanitizer on flights.

  8. Wear a mask or cloth face covering in enclosed spaces or if near other people. This includes during a flight when a mask should only be removed to eat or drink.

  9. Wear PPE as applicable to setting (e.g., health care worker).

  10. Traveler must follow all TSA and airline health and safety requirements and may refuse to board a flight if they feel unsafe.

  11. No one can be required to travel as part of their job duties or academic coursework.

  12. Alternate assignments should be provided to any student who does not want to travel as part of an academic course.

  13. Faculty/staff are responsible for enforcing health and safety measures when traveling with students.

Returning from Domestic Travel

Everyone coming to MSU from in-state, out-of-state, or international locations must follow the general guidance posted on MSU Together We Will.