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COVID-19 Travel Health Resources

The health and safety context for travel is changing constantly. Monitor these resources for the latest updates on the changing conditions you should be considering before your domestic or international travel. Remember, all non-essential domestic and international travel is suspended by MSU. 

US and International Entry Restrictions, Airline and Other Transportation Health and Safety

General Travel Health Advice

  • Discuss your health and your travel plans with your primary care physician, the MSU Travel Clinic, and/or International SOS
  • Do not travel if you are sick.
  • Understand local conditions. In many countries, health screening will be conducted upon arrival. Quarantine may be mandatory either at a government facility, or government-designated hotel. Or, self-quarantine may be required and you may be asked to present a self-quarantine plan.
  • Wear a mask at all times while traveling by plane. Take off your mask only to eat or drink. Lots of places are selling masks including the MSU store.
  • Follow the advice of local health authorities.
  • Do not participate in large gatherings.
  • Travel with hand sanitizer.
  • Practice good hygiene including:
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available.
    • Wear a mask.
    • Do not share food, drinks, or personal items.
    • Regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
    • Avoid touching your face.
  • Monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms. You can use the CDC's self-check tool.
  • Contact International SOS for medical advice immediately if you feel sick while traveling.
  • Understand your international health insurance coverage and review this important information on accessing medical care while traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • MSU's international health insurance coverage is available for MSU-sponsored international travel only. It does not cover personal travel or dependents traveling with you. You are strongly advised to purchase separate insurance coverage for personal travel or dependents.
  • Consider purchasing trip cancellation and/or trip interruption insurance