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Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic

MSU is continuing to review all MSU-sponsored international travel on a case-by-case basis. A minimum of three weeks’ notice is required to process a travel request.

With the high campus COVID-19 vaccination rate and many international borders starting to reopen, we are beginning to experience an expedited process for most travelers. Travel requests for faculty, staff and guests no longer require additional review by the Faculty and Staff Travel Review (FASTR) committee, unless the traveler is unvaccinated or the destination is considered high-risk.

Domestic travel as well as inbound travel to the US and/or MSU may resume following pre-COVID travel policies.


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Processes & Procedures for MSU-Sponsored International Travelers*

For those traveling internationally on MSU-sponsored travel, please review the international travel waiver process. This is a two-step submission process: 

  1. An MAU form is signed by the dean or an associate dean from the traveler’s college; 
  2. Once the MAU form is completed, the traveler must submit an international travel waiver request form detailing their health and safety plan.

Following the submission process, Global Safety will: 

  1. Review the request, focusing on the country’s COVID-19 and security risk factors.
  2. Higher-risk travel must be reviewed by MSU’s student-focused Risk and Security Assessment Committee (RSAC) or the Faculty and State Travel Review (FASTR) committee. This includes travel to high-risk destinations or travel by unvaccinated individuals.
  3. You will either receive an approval email from our office or an email prompting action by the dean of the college from FASTR. 
  4. The communications will include next steps specific to the traveler, including:
    1. Registration in the Global Travel Registry
    2. Resources regarding international health and travel insurance
    3. Acknowledgement of Risk Form

 *Education Abroad Programs: For details regarding travel with Education Abroad programs, please refer to the COVID-19 Guidance for EA Programs and the Office for Education Abroad.

Updated: 10/27/2021