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COVID-19 Guidance and Resources

Travel has always involved risk, and the COVID-19 era presents even more considerations for anyone traveling domestically or internationally. Anyone considering travel should assess their personal risk tolerance and review the information below to make an informed decision about whether traveling is the right choice for you.


Please review the pages below for more information on:

  1. Personal considerations for travel during the COVID-19 era
  2. Entry and exit international travel restrictions
  3. US travel restrictions on incoming international travel, including those returning to the US
  4. International SOS-administered international travel health insurance provided by MSU for all sponsored travelers
  5. Supplemental trip insurance for trip cancellation and trip interruption



Travelers should assess their suitability for travel by reviewing public health guidance, reviewing COVID-19 spread, and discussing travel plans with their primary care physician and/or International SOS (their pre-travel consultations with a medical professional are free to MSU travelers).

Travelers should consider making an appointment with the MSU Travel Clinic or another travel health professional if they need immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, etc.

For information on non-COVID-19 health, safety and security considerations for your destination, please review the US Department of State country travel advisories. International SOS can also offer additional insight on specific destinations.

Travel Restrictions

All travelers must comply with local, state, federal, and destination entry and exit requirements and public health restrictions. These requirements and recommendations change often, and everyone is encouraged to closely monitor restrictions. They can include testing, proof of vaccination, quarantine-on-arrival, etc.

US Travel

International SOS

Anyone engaging in approved international travel should consider that COVID-19 may impact usual procedures for getting medical care abroad.

Students, faculty, staff, and approved guests on MSU-sponsored international travel are eligible for comprehensive international health insurance and medical and security assistance provided by International SOS.

Review key healthcare considerations for Accessing Healthcare While Traveling Internationally During COVID-19.

Trip Insurance

Supplemental trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance (also known as CFAR/IFAR insurance) is not required to participation in MSU-sponsored travel, but travelers may want to consider it in addition to the MSU international travel health insurance.

  • This kind of insurance coverage is not offered by MSU, but it can be purchased independently for MSU-sponsored or personal travel (see below: MSU Policy on Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance).
  • Many MSU travel partners also provide greater flexibility for MSU-sponsored travelers during COVID-19. Please refer to Travel @ State’s COVID-19 Travel Cancellation Guidelines.
  • Please consider reviewing this summary of CFAR/IFAR insurance from CIS Abroad.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance typically provides reimbursement for last-minute cancellations due to sickness, severe weather, or even security risks. During travel it can provide coverage for travel delays, missed connections, lost/stolen baggage, early departures due to unforeseen personal events, extended in-country stays due to COVID-19, and more.

  • All MSU-sponsored travelers are automatically eligible for $2,000 in quarantine coverage through ISOS/Chubb. However, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance may offer additional coverage.

Global Safety has worked with campus partners to identify reputable partners for supplemental travel insurance. Gallagher Worldwide Trip Protector provides extensive trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance.

  • Travelers are able to insure any prepaid, non-reimbursable, non-refundable expenses paid by the traveler directly.
  • Travelers who insure a “$0 trip cost” are still able to access Travel Delay, Bed Rest and other benefits depending on their plan which may provide greater coverage for quarantine-related expenses.

For more information on Gallagher Worldwide Trip Protector, please see:


MSU Policy on Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

Given dynamic pandemic risks and country-specific regulations, all MSU faculty, staff, sponsored guests and graduate students who are approved for international travel may purchase trip cancellation and/or trip interruption insurance, such as Worldwide Trip Protector with Trip Cancellation and Interruption benefits through Gallagher Insurance. The cost of said insurance attributable to the MSU international traveler is reimbursable with non-grant funds or grant funds, if allowable. Such insurance may offer coverage for trip interruption, testing, quarantine, and other related expenses.

MAUs should be aware that they may bear increased costs for travelers who do not procure supplemental trip cancellation/interruption insurance. Therefore, it is recommended that MAUs ensure that travelers have flexible travel arrangements, such as refundable fares, or that MAUs incur the extra cost to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance for all MSU faculty, staff, sponsored guests and graduate students on international travel. Note: MAUs may choose to require that international travelers within their unit purchase trip cancellation or interruption insurance.

Note: These links to trip cancellation insurance providers are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement, an approval, or a recommendation by Michigan State University of any of the products, services or opinions regarding a general insurance product or of a specific organization. You are not required to purchase trip cancelation coverage to participate in MSU-affiliated travel. If you decide to purchase trip cancelation coverage, you are responsible for the costs of the insurance. Michigan State University makes no representations or warranties of any kind in relation to the analysis, information or services provided by any insurance provider.