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Supporting Student Mental Health

Studying abroad is an exciting but sometimes stressful experience for students. Use these tips to support student mental well-being on your education abroad program.

Tips for Interaction with Students

  • Focus on pre-departure community and relationship building.
  • Be mindful of student privacy.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Demonstrate concern and interest.
  • Avoid criticizing or sounding judgmental.
  • Do not ask too many questions.
  • Resist the urge to diagnose or label.
  • Suggest a counselor as a resource for students in distress. The Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security can help identify local mental health resources.
  • If you are worried about a student's mental well-being contact us to discuss your concerns. If it is urgent, call the MSU 24/7 International Emergency Line at +1-517-353-3784.

Mental Health Resources

International SOS
+1-610-254-8771 (24/7)

MSU Counseling Center - Faculty/Staff Information

National Suicide Prevention 24/7 Line
1-800-273-TALK (8255)